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Tony Currie puts pen to paper with Vertical Editions

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Tony Currie, the legendary former Sheffield United, QPR and Leeds footballer, has put pen-to-paper on a deal to publish his autobiography with Vertical Editions.

Tony Currie won 17 caps for England

Currie, left, who also represented the senior England side 17 times, was voted United’s greatest ever player back in 2014 and also represented QPR and Leeds with great distinction after making his professional debut with Watford.

‘Imperfect 10 – The Man Behind the Magic’ will be released in October 2021 and the hardback book will be available to pre-order via Vertical Editions. The book will also be available in eBook form.

“I’m not a bookish person and had little or no part in previous written versions of my life which were basically taken from newspapers etc.,” Currie said.

“Eventually it seemed to me important that people had the chance to see why things in my football career happened as they did, how my life in general influenced my career and, I suppose, how my love of playing was probably too important than was good for me.”

The book is co-written with Andy Pack, Sheffield United’s former media manager who has known Currie personally and professionally for around 30 years and has previously co-written the autobiography of another Blades legend, Keith Edwards, with Vertical Editions.

“Tony is a real enigma and it’s tempting to try and analyse just why he is the person he is,” Pack said.

“Most people would be astonished if they knew the man on anything but a superficial level, because he is not who they would expect him to be.

“He had natural footballing gifts bestowed on him, worked hard at them and deserved his success, but he was short-changed in being equipped to deal with his day-to-day existence as well as he could manage play on the football pitch.

“The problem was, Tony would have been totally happy to play football 24 hours a day.”

(Cover image © Joe Bamford)



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